Lola Rivière


In my childhood I played with mud after a rainy day and I immersed myself in this tactile contact by modelling and creating new shapes, discovering plastic material between my hands.

I chose ceramics because of this encounter with the earth, the caress of modelling, the infinite possibilities of colours and textures, the transmutation that fire produces in the pieces…..magic and surprise that I went on discovering.

In a game between my intention and what the process is offering me, I want my pieces to preserve that imperfect beauty and harmony just like Nature, with its colours, textures, roughness and with my own mark. There is something very primary and essential in my ceramics. It is a way of union between everything I am and what I form part of. Through this and the same as in other aspects of my life, I try to emulate that beauty of our natural environment.

Ceramics of ancient cultures also inspire me with their simplicity and beauty, pieces that show the erosion over the years and close the mystery of their history.

And in that space where ceramics blend in with my life I also find myself with my wishes and my fears, with my capacity to choose….and I decide “to create myself by creating” and in this way put into my pieces, as in my life, my most real mark.

"In simplicity and beauty is the truth”
— Carl Gustav Jung

A Ceramist of subtlety in texture and colour, Lola Riviere’s pieces are of a simplicity that is rich in nuances; pieces without being ornamental, of strictly sensory aesthetics and a purely functional beauty.

She is an artisan linked to the trade, with a long history that goes back to her childhood. She then began a road that led her to study ceramics at Escuela Massana, where she discovered the passion for the treatment of the surface with engobes, patinas, enamel and oxides as well as her fascination for the baking process. Around the same time she started working in the studio of sculptress Paloma González where she learned new techniques and delved into the world of stoneware and high temperature.

And through the diverse episodes of her artistic career, she has always been captivated by experimentation in the ceramic surface, looking for the simplest way to transform it into a garden of subtle textures and colours. The career of Fine Arts that she later studied in the speciality of painting refined her sensitivity in colour and nuances, which she transferred to the world of ceramics.

Besides the simplicity and the trade that her pieces transmit, hers is also a conceptual work, which appeals to living and feeling the link with history; they are pieces that could have been found at an archeology site.

Lola Riviere knows how to awaken the soul in everyday objects. Her works are based on simple concepts: the circle, the content, the insertion...all of this quite common in Nature. They are a recreation of life, duality, the universe, the union.

— Caterina Roma

"Thirty years in silence, years of internal demand.
A lengthily elaborated art is caressing the market.
Something that was expected: solid, warm, spontaneous, elegant".
— JL Wende, 2015